Editorial Policy of Cricket97

Cricket97.com is an online based news cricket portal. It provides global cricket news, updates and statistical coverage of all Test, ODI, T20I and major domestic cricket competitions across the world. For your reference, ‘Cricket97.com’ in short also known as ‘Cricket97’.

Policies and Information

Ownership & Funding Info

Cricket97 is a partnership business. Bangladesh Cricket Supporter’s Association (BCSA) has 35 percent shares. 65 percent shares are divided equally between 13 directors as well as partners. Directors are mainly responsible for investment or funding.

Fact-Checking Policy

Cricket97 reporters and content developers have responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their stories and contents. Content doesn’t go live in any of cricket97’s platform without proofreading or checking the fact by the editors.

Ethics Policy

Integrity is the base of our ethics policy as Cricket97 strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is authentic, accurate, fair and thorough. Cricket97 has four core values:

1. Seek truth and report it.
2. Minimize harm.
3. Act independently and
4. Be accountable and transparent.

Corrections Policy

Cricket97 is responsive in correcting errors in material published on any of cricket97’s digital platform. Cricket97’s goal is to inform the readers as quickly as possible what was wrong and what is correct when responsible cricket97 team member correcting a content. When cricket97’s journalism is factually correct but the language used to explain those facts is not as clear or detailed as it should be, we rewrite the content and added to the story.