Towhid Hridoy asked to check Litton's strike rate

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Towhid Hridoy asked to check Litton's strike rate

Towhid Hridoy asked to check Litton's strike rate

Towhid Hridoy asked to check Litton's strike rate

Litton Das has been scoring runs for Bangladesh across all formats, but lately, he has hit a rough patch. His performance against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in the recent series reflects this inconsistency.

In the first three matches against Zimbabwe, Litton Das was at the crease. He scored 1 run in the first match, 23 in the second, and 12 in the third, all as an opening batsman.

In terms of consistency, in these three matches, Litton Das scored 36 runs with a strike rate of 83.72, which is not satisfactory. Therefore, there are discussions about his batting form and strike rate.

Towhid Hridoy, being among the top two performers in two out of three matches, he displayed glimpses of his potential. At the end of the third match, during a press conference, Towhid Hridoy addressed the issue:

"Players don't intend to give away their wickets easily. Litton or whoever bats in the top order, everyone is trying to secure their position. You are also trying to establish yourself in your profession. Not everyone will perform well all the time. I've heard a lot of talk about my strike rate. Check and see, Bangladesh's top 2-3, he is among the best. The best batsmen in the world don't always perform well in every match or series."

"I hope everyone will bounce back nicely. Confidence will come back with a good innings. We shouldn't judge based on just one innings. A big match might change the scenario. Everyone needs to keep the faith, we shouldn't lose faith."

Najmul Hossain Shanto is also not scoring runs like Litton Das. Both of them have been dismissed in an odd way today, and there is criticism circulating on social media. When questioned about their dismissals, Towhid Hridoy replied,

"What can I say about their dismissal? Dismissal can happen in any form. Even being bowled is a dismissal, isn't it? It falls under dismissal. Two innings can go either way. Again, the day they get a good opportunity, they will show that they can win matches. They will contribute to the team from the top order to the lower order."