Why Taskin Ahmed is named Vice Captain when he is injured

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Why Taskin Ahmed is named Vice Captain when he is injured

Why Taskin Ahmed is named Vice Captain when he is injured

Why Taskin Ahmed is named Vice Captain when he is injured

In Bangladesh, there are not many cricketers worth playing in the national team. The situation was the same even before the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. There were discussions about having 15 cricketers from 19-20 cricketers in the squad for the World Cup. Taskin Ahmed's name was definitely in discussion. 

However, this became the reason for creating controversy during the recently concluded series against Zimbabwe. Taskin Ahmed was absent in the final match of the series. When the team was playing against Zimbabwe, Taskin Ahmed was undergoing scans for an injury. 

The severity of his injury is not clear yet. However, the selectors have announced the squad keeping Taskin Ahmed in mind. He has even been made the vice-captain. Chief Selector Gazi Ashraf Hossain Lipu clarified why this decision was made. Though team selection is the responsibility of the selectors, the board decides who will be in the leadership group. 

Lipu said, "This (T20 World Cup) is a global tournament. It's a decision of the BCB. They have informed us that Taskin Ahmed has been selected as the vice-captain." 

"He is undoubtedly a deserving candidate, a prominent player of his generation leading another department and playing for the national team in various formats for a long time. Maybe the BCB considered him a deserving candidate, and that's why he has been chosen," he added. 

But what about Taskin Ahmed's injury?

In response to this question, Lipu said, "Maybe the medical committee can provide you with better information. Based on the available information, he might recover in time for the World Cup. That's why he has been included in the squad. And regarding ICC's policy, maybe you're aware, even if a player is injured, you can replace him later if he doesn't recover. It's not like everyone who is named fresh has to enter by the 25th and if injured, they'll be replaced later. Even injured players can enter the tournament. I don't think Taskin will be able to play in the series against the United States. However, those going as reserves can play there." 

But what if Taskin Ahmed can't play in the end?

Lipu replied, "If he can't, then it's up to the BCB to consider. It's their prerogative. I can't say clearly now, but surely if he doesn't play, someone else will be given that position or responsibility."